Air Freshener (Green Tea & Citrus)

Wealthy Air Freshener is an air purifier that can remove germs and bacteria that cause odor, as well as can be used as air freshener. With the aroma of Green Tea & Citrus, this product is able to make us feel calm and comfortable in the room or car.

There are two types of Air Freshener, Air Freshener Matic and Air Freshener Spray. Air Freshner Matic is used with a single spray to run out. Air Freshner Spray is used for spraying periodically (daily).

Can be used in family room, bedroom, car, restaurant, office, toilets, waiting room, mall, cafe, and others.

How to Use Air Freshener Matic:
-In the car put Air Freshener near the gears or just under the blower. It is intended that the fluid of Air Freshener to reach the existing gap in the vehicle (carried by the wind coming out of the blower AC).
-Adjust the position of the vehicle / room AC with the strongest fan and the coldest temperature.
- Press the lock on the top of the bottle (until it clicks) and let the Air Freshener spray by itself.

-Keep out of direct sunlight.
-Store cool and dry (temperature below 30 ° C).
-Keep out of reach of children.
-Do not puncture the packaging.
-Keep away from the spark and flame.
-Do not get eyes or other mucous membranes.

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