Aluminium Sound Pad

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the sound or vibration generated by the vehicle?

Aluminium Sound Pad Aluminum Sound Pad made from butyl is very effective to be the solution of the problem. Able to reduce vibration, minimize noise and reflect heat well, because it is coated by aluminum layer. It has good elasticity so it is easy to install because it can be formed to follow the angle or curve of vehicle surface. And hold at a temperature of approximately 80 ° C.

How to use :
-Clean the surface to be coated with Sound Pad.
- If rust is found on the surface, clean it first for better results. You can use rust removal products from WEALTHY such as Adhesive Lubricant or Magic Spray 9 in 1.
-After a clean surface, prepare a Hot Gun (heater) which is enabled to bend the Sound Pad to adhere tightly to the curve on the surface.
-To be able to attach perfectly, press using a roller / cylinder. Make sure the Sound Pad is already attached to the surface. Avoid air bubbles during Sound Pad installation.


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