Not Silver Nor black, This is Why Our Bulb's Tip is Yellow

Usually a halogen bulb's tip is collored black or silver. It is called black top or silver top. But there is also a bulb with a yellow tip on it. It is called Yellow Top.

There must be a reason for that. In a Halogen Bulb with black top or silver top, it is mostly used for white light or a white blue light bulb.

How about yellow top? "The light is yellowish. Usually used in a four season country", said Arief Hidayat, from Wealthy Automotive Care when releasing Wealthy Yellow Top (20/7/2018) in West Jakarta.

According to Mr Arief, yellow top is highly applicable in Indonesia. For example an area that is oftenly crossed was foggy, heavy rain often occurs or it is just great for night vision.

Through a yellow light, there are no colours that could be produced from the light reflection.
Beside that it is more focus. It is very different with an all weather or a four season bulb that is only coated yellow on the surface of the glass.nya.

Wealthy yellow top yang baru dirilis minggu lalu tersedia sebagai bohlam headlamp aneka mobil. Jenisnya H4, H11 hingga untuk foglamp.Kelebihan lainnya, terbuat dari quartz glass. Tahan air, kacanya keras dan tidak masalah jika dipegang tangan.

Actually there are many bulb with a yellowish light circulating in the market, as known as four season or all weather. But because it is purposed for hobbies its availability are rather rare.

Wealthy ensure that the yellow top is available with a various type.

For the price, an H4 with 100/90w, 450.000 rupiahs a pair. "For foglamp we give 400.000 rupiahs a pair", said Almus Hidayat, sales manager PT Foerch Indonesia, Wealthy distributor.