Duster vs Microfiber Cloth. Which one is recommended.

Which one is better for cleaning a thin dust from your car or motorcycle body, a duster or a microfiber cloth? Are these tools recommended?

There's a risk that this thin dust could damage your body car while you rub it. But people want something fast and practical without using a wet cloth.

"We dont recommend you to use a duster. It could cause a thin scratch on the body", said Arief Hidayat, founder of Wealthy Automotive Care, while presenting a car care product at Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, last week.

Duster which is made from a foultry feather or a synthetic one doesnt have any pores. So the dust will directly rub againts your car body. Applications for households need less estica, unlike automotive.

He recommend for using microfiber.  "Microfiber fabrication itself has grown to make it more secure," said he who introduce the 2nd Generation of Wealthy Microfiber Cloth.

For example the type of microfiber that could cause a static energy. It makes the dust easier to clean even inside a micron particle. The "pluffy" character won't scratch the paint layer.