What's The Difference Between Chamois & Microfiber Towel?

Wealthy.id. If you're looking for a duster for your car or motorcycle, there are so many options in the market that offers both chamois and microfiber towels.

"Currently, there are three kinds of car towel. Chamois, microfiber, and the mix of both microfiber chamois." Said Mr. Arief Hidayat, the founder of Wealthy Automotive Care while at Jakarta Fair, Central Jakarta, moments ago.

So, which do you choose? Chamois is made of synthetic material PVA, it becomes stiff when dry and will be able to use when wet either to clean or dry your car's body as well. For example, AION plas chamois, 3M car wipe, or ProClean that were sold in Ace Hardware.

Microfiber is famous in Europe and need a little water when used. Even when dry, it's smooth texture could be use to clean dust without scratching your car's body.

With both of their advantages, the mix of both chamois and microfiber such as Multitech Superlap Microfiber Chamois performance have been tested by Grid Oto together with another brands.

We soak them with 500ml of water, and then we squeeze them and collect the water to know how much water absorbed by each of them.

The result shows that AION plas with the dimension of 42 cm x 34 cm with 1.5 mm thickness could absorb 200 ml of water. 3M Super Absobent Car Wipe chamois absorbed 160 ml of water in the dimension of 42 cm x 32 cm and 1 mm thickness.

Multitech Superlap Microfiber Chamois could absorb 150 ml with the dimension of 42 cm x 34 cm with 1 mm thickness.

After that, we squeeze then dry them. Just as the character of chamois, AION & 3M became stiff when dry. While Multitech which use the mix of chamois and microfiber, still flexible and could be use directly.

About the price, many brands offers their products starting from ten thousands to a hundred thousands rupiah. You can get Wealthy's duster in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran Hall B21 with the price of Rp 85 thousands/pc.

"If you buy two, the price is Rp 150 thousands," Almus Hidayat, Sales Manager Wealthy explains. While the Multitech Microfiber Chamois were sold Rp 65 thousands/pc. You can get two of them for only Rp 100 thousands.