Wealthy Offers Motorcycle Maintenance Products Starting From 25 Thousand Rupiahs

Be in demand, there is a Motorbike treatment from Wealthy at Jakarta Fair, Kemayoran, North Jakarta. It’s only worth for Rp 25 thousand rupiahs and it consists of 4 products.

“The responses were great”, said Mr Arief Hidayat, founder of Wealthy Automotive Care at Kemayoran. The products are fuel conditioner, brake fluid DOT 3, engine flush, and injector & valve cleaner.

Each product had a special function. For example, the fuel conditioner is known to improve the quality of the fuel with changing the water content to be homogenous in the fuel, so it could be easily burned.

Sometimes, there is some water accidentally got into the fuel tank while washing the motorbike. Or the condensation in the tank so there could be little water showed up in the fuel tank. Fuel conditioner also had a function as a water remover.

The Brake Fluid DOT 3 is to add the brake fluid to the master brake. The characteristic of this Brake Fluid is neutral and had a clear look. It’s also compatible as a Brake Fluid mixture.