No Wrong, Use Optimus Wealthy Oil Instantly Yearly Once Indonesia adds another oil with long drain interval character. Brand Wealthy Optimus with viscosity of 10W40. Can change oil once a year or 20 thousand km!

"With the number of Total Base Number (TBN) 10.04, the higher the TBN, the ability to neutralize the acid in the oil better," explained Arief Hidayat, managing director of PT. Foerch Indonesia.

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Looking at the trend, additives and TBN improve the ability of the oil base to remove acid contamination from combustion.

"Acid is an effect when the oil works to lubricate the engine, prevent rust and combustion effects," added Arief authorized Wealthy distributor in this country.

TBN makes the oil age longer with maximum turnover intervals. Mentioned endurance up to 20 thousand km. Or if the average drive is 50-60 km / day. So the interval to change the oil can be once a year.
10W - 40
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°CcSt15.05
Viscosity Index-155
Viscosity at low temp. (CCS)cP 5543
Viscosity at high temp. (HTHS)cP5.05
Flash point COC °C216
Total Base Number mgKOH/g10.04

Wealthy Oil has already passed several laboratory tests, including from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the LEMIGAS Oil and Gas Engineering Research and Development Center.