Which One Is Better Either Green Radiator Coolant Or The Red One?

Jakarta - There is a question to the editor, which one is better between green radiator coolant and the red one? What is the effect of radiator coolant color with its capability to cooling the car or motorbike engine? Is it ok to mix it with the other for an addition?

Before answer about the color, it is better to inform the chemical contain in the radiator coolant.

"There is a best price for a good radiator coolant", explained Almus Hidajat, PT. Welty Multi Sejahtera (WMS) Sales Manager, Wealthy Radiator Coolant Distributor.

For example, you have to be suspicious if 1 galon Radiator Coolant is only 25 thousands Rupiah. "At least it cost 70 thousands rupiah", said Suhendra Hanafiah, from PT. Laris Chandra, STP Radiator Specialist.

There is expensive chemical inside it. Like ethylen glicol, diethlyn glicol, sodium 2-ethyl hexanote, sodium neodecanote and rust inhibitor.

Unfortunately its pledge chemicals not carry out special characteristic to specified color.

Color is just for an aesthetics. Do not mix it with the different color.

Where did red and green color comes from? At is coloring substance as the characteristic, branding strategy, aesthetics, and as identifier if there is a leak at the radiator area.

Red and green color is also used as first filling coolant at the great car manufacturer.

"In the end all colors are good. But don't mix it with the different color. It is looking bad", said Almus Hidajat.

Adjust with the default color and use one brand only.